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When tooth decay afflicts multiple teeth, the bacterial presence will gradually compromise more-and-more of the available dental structure. This can result in severe dental fractures, infected roots or a large abscess forming in the underlying gums. A mouth this severely affected might be treated with multiple root canals.

If the problem is severe or if a large abscess has compromised multiple roots, Dr. Tyler Carlson might recommend having the teeth in the area extracted at his Rock Springs, Wyoming, clinic.

Once your gums have healed, Dr. Tyler Carlson can help you explore the dental restorations he can furnish you with.

A pair of dental implants will be inserted into your bone structure. Once they’ve fused in place with the surrounding bone tissues, a bridge can be installed to replicate the teeth. However, this takes time and might call for more than one oral surgery.

If you are uncomfortable with the dental implant process, Dr. Tyler Carlson might simply recommend fitting you for a custom partial. This is a removable dental appliance that acts like an abbreviated form of dentures. It fits in the area left behind by the lost teeth.

Dr. Tyler Carlson will examine the area to make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy and strong. If any of the teeth in the area have been compromised, he might recommend having them extracted and added to the partial.

Dr. Tyler Carlson will then create a detailed impression of the area, including the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your partial will be created to perfectly fill the void between the two neighboring teeth.

Even though it will be custom-designed to fit tightly with the surrounding structures of your mouth, you might want to use a little denture adhesive. This will lock the partial in place while also helping to prevent food particles from infiltrating the space between the partial and gums.

If you live in the Rock Springs, Wyoming, area and you have suffered a dental avulsion, you should call 307-362-2220 to seek treatment at Dr. Tyler Carlson’s clinic.