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You may have heard someone (a dentist, family member or friend) use the terms “tooth colored filling” or “white filling.” They were referring to composite resin dental filling. Composite resin is a mixture of glass or quartz that creates a very durable, long-lasting filling for your damaged or decayed tooth.

Composite fillings are gaining popularity because, unlike metal fillings, they look entirely natural. At White Mountain Dental, composite fillings come in a variety of shades, and Tyler Carlson will match your filling to your original tooth color to create a completely natural look.

The process is quick and occurs within a single visit. Tyler Carlson removes the damaged or decayed part of the tooth, cleans the remaining area and fills it with composite resin. Once the filling is hardened with a special light, you are good to go!

Tyler Carlson will provide you with special instructions to protect your filling while it’s new. The best way to care for your new filling is to care for your mouth in general. Leaving food and plaque around your teeth and gums can damage the filling, as well as create cavities that will require even more fillings.

If you are considering composite resin dental fillings, or have questions about your fillings, feel free to call White Mountain Dental at 307-362-2220, or schedule an appointment.