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Getting kids to floss can be a challenge for any parent. Our team is going to give you some ways you can help your kids enjoy flossing every day so that eventually it becomes a habit for them to do in the future.

Keep a chart

A flossing chart kept in the bathroom can be a great reminder for kids to floss once a day. As a parent you can use non-monetary incentives to give them if they complete a certain amount of time flossing.

Let them be in control

Traditional methods of flossing can sometimes be boring for kids to practice, but today there several products on the market designed specifically for kids to enjoy flossing.

Easy to use and hold, floss sticks are available in every color and design for kids to enjoy. Most of these floss sticks come in packs of 50-100, providing a lot of opportunities for your kids to practice and pick up the habit of flossing.

Example is everything

While you are flossing your own teeth, have your child join in with you. One of the biggest ways you can help your child enjoy flossing is leading by example. Children typically learn from their parents, so it’s important to praise your children for their flossing. When you do this, you are allowing them to feel good about their decision to make flossing a habit in the future.

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