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Complications from tooth decay, gum disease and other dental issues might call for invasive treatments and expensive aftercare. So, in a certain light, maintaining good oral health helps maintain your overall quality of life. To that end, your dentist, Dr. Tyler Carlson, offers these key insights for developing an effective and consistent daily oral hygiene routine.

Using high-quality oral hygiene products is a critical aspect to consider. Despite marketing claims, some oral hygiene products are only formulated for cosmetic use and they offer little value to an effective oral hygiene routine. Be sure to always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance before purchasing any oral hygiene product. This seal is used to identify products that have been thoroughly researched and tested to be a safe and effective part of an oral hygiene routine.

Brushing twice and flossing once each day is critical for removing plaque and residual food particles. Without adequate cleaning, hardened tartar will form near the gumline, promoting periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Your twice-annual dental checkup with Dr. Tyler Carlson is also of critical importance. During the appointment, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and your mouth will be examined for signs of periodontal disease, tooth decay and oral cancer.

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