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Do you find that your breath doesn’t smell so great on a regular basis? If yes, then you may need to see your dentist. They can help you determine why you have bad breath and what the best treatment needs to be. Some solutions they may recommend include:

  • Brushing And Flossing: If you do not brush your teeth twice a day and floss them daily, then the cause of your bad breath is obvious. Dirty teeth are full of rotting food particles that feed the bacteria which produces bad breath.
  • Brushing Your Tongue: Do you brush your tongue along with your teeth? The tongue, especially the back part of it, has an uneven surface that easily traps odor-producing bacteria. Gently brushing the tongue can help get rid of this bacteria.
  • Increasing Saliva Production: A dry mouth means there is not enough saliva to clean it out. Remedy this by drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and even chewing on sugarless gum. Avoid alcohol, soda, and coffee because they can dry out the mouth.
  • Stop Smoking: Smokers not only have the smell of tobacco on their breath, but they can inflame the salivary glands and increase the risk of gum disease with their tobacco use, which are two causes of bad breath.
  • Use Certain Mouthwashes: Most mouthwashes just mask odors rather than destroy them. However, your dentist may recommend a mouthwash to help combat bad breath. Often these mouthwashes contain cetylpyridinium chloride or chlorhexidine, both of which prevent odor production.

Depending on the reasons you have bad breath, different treatments may be recommended. However, these treatment options help combat most cases of bad breath.