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Do you have questions about fluoride? If so, you’re not alone. Fluoride can seem complex and confusing for many people, especially if they don’t know much about it. However, it’s important to know at least the basics of fluoride so you can properly use it to help your smile. So, to help you know more about fluoride and to help you find the answers to your questions, our dentist, Dr. Tyler Carlson, is happy to give you answers to commonly asked questions.

What is fluoride?
Fluoride is a natural mineral that strengthens and nourishes your teeth (specifically your tooth enamel). It gives the enamel the strength to fight cavities and reject the harmful substances that threaten it. It’s important to expose your teeth to fluoride on a regular basis.

What can fluoride do for me?
Fluoride can help you maintain a strong and healthy smile. Like mentioned before, it can strengthen the outer shell of your teeth. This helps block harmful particles, like bacteria and plaque, from harming the teeth. All in all, fluoride can help you avoid tooth decay and enamel erosion, which are two dangerous dental problems.

What are some ways I can get fluoride?
It’s recommended to expose your teeth to fluoride by rinsing your mouth with fluoride mouthwash, drinking fluoridated water (your tap water should be fluoridated), receiving a professional fluoride treatment at our office, and brushing your smile with fluoride toothpaste.

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